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    Anhui Tongling jinhao Chemical Co.,Ltd. is specialized in producing & operating inorganic salt series products such as bluestone of various kinds of specifications. Our company has been awarded municipal advanced unit, enterprise of abiding by contract, being punctual by municipal people's government and relevant government departments in Tongling city for continuous nine years.

    Main products bluestones, whose monthly output is over 1000 tons, are produced with national advanced technics. The products have been exported to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, America etc.; Bluestone has been used as material by many large-scale industries such as fine chemicals, feedstuff, plating,gluside, essence, spice, medicine, animal remedy, pesticide etc.. Our fixed customers are among over 20 districts of East China, South China, Northeast, North China, Middle South etc.. The products are well received.


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